Should You Purchase a Gingerbread Cuddle For Your Home?

Should You Purchase a Gingerbread Cuddle For Your Home?

Here at The Gingerbread Pan (TGP), we understand that all parents only want the best for their child and there are no exceptions made towards the soft toys that will accompany the child as they grow up! You might not have heard about our Gingerbread Cuddle before, so here we have a compiled list of reviews from parents and their children who have happily taken Ginger home with them. Still hesitating on whether you should make your Gingerbread Cuddle purchase? Well then, read on and find the answers that you seek!



1. Jasmine, Mother of Arthur and Adeline (@Arthurthechubbbyboy)

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Jasmine’s son, Arthur, looks all comfortable in bed with his new Gingerbread Cuddle friend right by his side! Jasmine says, "Thanks for allowing Arthur to enjoy a peaceful night of sleep! It’s not just a cuddly toy; it could also provide comfort for anxiety and act as a companion [for Arthur]."





2. Tina, Mother of Kyler and Kyan (@Tinajamieloh) 10% Discount Code: TinajamielohTGP


Look at Tina’s boys, Kyler and Kyan, with their bright smiles early in the morning! We’re confident that they were able to have a good rest with their Gingerbread Cuddle sleep companions right by their side. Tina shares, "They are dust resistant and allergy free too – making them suitable for our kids!"







3. Jessy, Mother of Kaius and Krystal (@jessyongg) 10% Discount Code: jessyonggTGP


"[The Gingerbread Cuddle] is well loved by Krystal!", Jessy exclaims. Watch as Krystal holds on tight to her soft toy as she goes about her day. As children transition to sleeping on their own, the microwaveable and weighted features of our Gingerbread Cuddle provides greater warmth and comfort to soothe any anxiety that your child might feel.






4. Samantha, Mother of Emmy (@princessamantha) 10% Discount Code: princessamanthaTGP


Wouldn’t you agree that Emmy looks to be loving our Gingerbread Cuddle! Samantha shares that she is a witness to how much joy their Gingy is able to bring to the house. "We’ve seen firsthand how much joy these products bring, I hope your kids will love them too."







5. Evelyn, Mother of Ooliver (@evelynkai) 10% Discount Code: evelynkaiTGP


Watch as the kids fight to get their hands on our Gingerbread Cuddle! Evelyn shares, "[Ginger] is super cute and snuggly. The best part of the soft toy is that it is microwaveable for it to provide extra warmth and comfort."








6. Selina, Mother of Zenith, Zephyr and Zeraphyn (@selinahime) 10% Discount Code: selinahimeTGP


Zephyr looks absolutely delighted with his new friend Ginger! "Ginger has become a bedtime must-have in her house and the charming gingerbread design makes Ginger even more special", comments Selina.









7. Serene, Mother of Avery and Allie (@somethingboutrenes) 10% Discount Code: somethingboutrenesTGP


Serene’s daughter, Avery, has named her Gingerbread Cuddle ‘Cookie’! Serene goes on to share that, "The toys are created to relieve anxiety, is microwaveable and allergy friendly. Made out of soft velboa, it is dust resistant and safe for little ones with sensitive skin and noses." How wonderful to see Avery and Allie with their new friend!






8. Carmen, Mother of Bumui (@singapore.babydairy) 10% Discount Code: singaporebabydiaryTGP


"[The Gingerbread Cuddle] is a comforting companion for kids above 3 years old. They are weighted for anxiety relief and allergy-friendly, dust-resistant, perfect for sensitive noses and skin." Thanks for the wonderful summary Carmen!








9. Charlean, Mother of Kieran and Chase (@charlean) 10% Discount Code: charleanTGP


Charlean shows us how beneficial the microwaveable function of our Gingerbread Cuddle can be to people of all ages! While the warm soft toy is perfect to provide comfort to young children, it can be used to soothe aches. She has been using it post-shoulder surgery whenever she feels an ache and it has been helpful in melting her aches away!







10. Winnie, Mother of Ben and Dan (@winnie.loves) 10% Discount Code: winnielovesTGP



Only bright smiles even in the early morning with our Gingerbread Cuddle held tightly by Winnie’s boy!


Look at all of these smiling faces! With our notable features of being a soft toy that is microwaveable, weighted and hypoallergenic, we are fully confident that a Gingerbread Cuddle in your home would bring great joy to all. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link to bring joy into your home today!

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