4 Simple and Engaging Animal Themed Arts and Craft Activities To Do With Your Kid

4 Simple and Engaging Animal Themed Arts and Craft Activities To Do With Your Kid

Arts and crafts are more than just a fun pastime. They offer a multitude of benefits for children such as improving their fine motor skills, encouraging self-expression and creativity, and providing a hands-on learning experience. Today, we venture into the exciting world of animal-themed arts and crafts. These projects not only engage your little ones but also present a unique opportunity to learn about different animals and their characteristics. In this creative journey, we will also explore how soft toys can be incorporated into these activities for added fun and learning.

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Handprint Animals

One of the simplest, yet most engaging crafts is making handprint animals. This activity transforms a child's handprint into an adorable animal art piece. Have your child pick out their favourite animal soft toy as a model and then create a handprint version of it. This activity is not only fun and immersive but also creates a beautiful keepsake of your child’s growing hand, one that you can cherish for years to come.

Materials needed:

  1. Non-toxic paint
  2. A canvas/ sturdy paper
  3. Markers

Paper Plate Animals

Paper plate animals are another fun, easy, and cost-effective craft activity. Children can use their soft toys as inspiration for the animals they create. For instance, they can paint the plate to match their stuffed bear, adding cut-out ears and eyes to match. This activity not only encourages creativity but can also be adapted to any animal the child is interested in, making it a versatile craft that can be tailored to your child's current favourite animal.

Materials needed:

  1. Paper plates
  2. Paint
  3. Brushes
  4. Scissors

Animal Masks

Animal masks combine the fun of arts and crafts with endless hours of imaginative play. Children can create masks that match their soft toys, promoting imaginative role play as they bring their toy to life. Once the mask is complete, it provides a fun prop for pretend play, storytelling, or even a homemade costume for the next dress-up party.

Materials needed:

  1. Cardstock/ thick paper
  2. Paint and/or markers
  3. Scissors
  4. Rubber bands or string

Animal-Themed Origami

Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, presents an excellent opportunity to introduce children to a variety of animals. Children can try to replicate their soft toys in origami form. This activity not only helps improve fine motor skills and concentration but also offers a sense of accomplishment when the child sees their flat piece of paper transformed into a 3D representation of their favourite toy. The finished products can be used for play, decoration, or even as unique, handmade gifts.

Material needed:

  1. Square origami paper


These animal-themed arts and crafts activities provide an array of benefits; they help foster creativity, encourage fine motor skills development, and make learning about animals a fun and immersive experience. Incorporating soft toys into these activities adds a new level of engagement and learning. Remember, the goal is not to create perfect replicas of animals, but to enjoy the process, learn new facts, and spark a lifelong love for arts and crafts. So gather your materials, embrace the creative chaos, and get ready for some memorable, creative fun with your children!

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